Mission Statement

Smyse Consultants have their unique mission; to provide superior guidelines to our clients. We envision this happening through an exceptional scientific-oriented approach combining with in-depth studies of our client’s organization and their environment.  Our vision is to help you identifying your own capabilities in order to discover your unique path to success. Our goal is to depict the unknowns behind what you really do, and what you need to do for achieving your goals.

What We Do

We assist our clients to know what they are really up to and to show them their full potential of improvements; helping them to make systemic changes in areas that they have identified as important. The subject of our consultancy activities broad from leveraging IT solutions to implementing IT management models and practices in order to deliver the highest business value out of your limited budgets, and minimizing the risk of losing your tracks in IT implementation projects.

Who We Are

We are a network of academia and industry professionals at all levels mainly in Sweden. We have a great attention on the trends within sectors of IT industry and we are trained to put our first and foremost efforts on providing the most suitable service that meets your demands. We establish extensive and broad international networks of experience from leading positions in research and development within Information Technology sector.

Technology leads to many crossroads; SMYSE Consultants take you down the right road.