Why our services are the best?

We make a customized solution for your unique challenge

Knowledge is power

We establishe extensive and broad international networks of experience from leading positions in research, development, marketing, business development and finance within Information Technology industry.

Quality of service

We strive to work as a team and in a team with our clients and partners, in order to multiply the full knowledge skills and experiences with a professional network to always assure the highest quality of the outcome.

On-demand support

Self-awareness is the critical success factor in achieving your desired future. Therefore, a team of qualified business and IT consultants with a passion of helping organizations to increase their self-awareness is always there for you.

We at SMYSE AB are a network of academia and industry professionals at all levels mainly in Sweden. We have a great attention on the trends within sectors of IT industry and we are trained to put our first and foremost efforts on providing the most suitable service that meets your demands. We establish extensive and broad international networks of experience from leading positions in research and development within Information Technology sector.

We always believe in Customer-centric IT solutions with considering methods of Sustainable Collaboration with our clients. Our sustainable collaborative methods deliver results that will save your organizational limited money and resources, decrease risk, improve employee safety, productivity and retention, increase brand equity and strengthen customer loyalty and trust. Whether you are interested in taking first steps in becoming a more responsible business, becoming a certified business or creating an ISO 38000 or conforming management system, our experienced team can create a customized solution to meet your needs.

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